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About DSTL

Brief History.

Discovery sense travels and logistics is an International Air Transport Association(IATA) License member, a full service provider of Airlines products and services, and act as tourism service provider to most exciting tourist destinations worldwide.

Discovery sense travels and logistics is a business outfit that specializes in travel business supports and products procurement services internationally. Incorporated on 11TH July 2013, our Company carries an extensive variety of IATA business and other travel related services namely Flight booking reservation and confirmation, Hotel reservation, tour packages, car hire assistance, immigration/visa support and travel logistics

We provide high standard of professional services and continuously update our business outlets using latest technology and well trained personnel. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and we deliver excellent services to the industry global standards.

The company is backed up with highly experienced management team and consultants with long-standing experience in the aviation industry. This position has been enhanced as a license member of International Air Transport Association travel we share inventory with leading airlines, hotels chains, dmc’s, tour operators, world class tourism and leisure provider with an up to date database on immigration laws and facilitating visa procedures to say a few of our professional services.

Our Vision.

To be involved in people life when it concern where to go, how to go and what to do when they are there, we want to be an outstanding Travel Service provider in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission.

To be a standard for travelling matters and build a strong team of world class professionals equipped with expertise to render travel services that promotes our country Nigeria in the global travel and tourism industry.

Our Core Values.

Why we do what we do?

We do what we do because we are driven by success and we want to add value to people life and make them share in our view of the world as a natural habitat that co-habit all form of life and allow adaptation

What does success look like?

We intend to shape the travel industry by generalising and specialising in our generalisation been able to be all things when it comes to travel to all person, setting a mark and standard to all stakeholders and been an innovationist in implementing great services.

Values that will help enable success?

Inspire innovation by enabling a level ground for all by co-creating opportunities, building great and positive relationship and foster team work, exercise good judgement and perform under pressure, foster healthy competition, design reliable system and optimize relationship we are on earth to make a mark and serve humans as we collaborate and cross pollinate in other to be customer centric.

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